Warren Kennard | General Manager
Ducere Global Business School | Australia

Warren Kennard, General Manager, Ducere Global Business School

Edtech enthusiast and business leader, Warren has extensive experience in the education sector. Warren has worked across secondary schools, private and public tertiary education, vocational education and training, eLearning, edtech, online professional development and enabling technologies. An adept sales and marketing professional, Warren is focused on financial sustainability and for-profit commercial models that enable educational institutions to deliver better education.
A lifelong learner, Warren is passionate about education's impact in changing people’s lives while uplifting society toward higher-order consciousness. This can only be made possible through an eagerness to learn being met with well curated content, presented in innovative and engaging ways, and underpinned by robust pedagogy. Moreover, institutions need financial resources to meet the growing need for quality education…this Warren refers to as ‘the business of education’.
Warren will be speaking about the need for educational institutions to consider innovative commercial models to remain competitive, and to deliver on their promises, as the sector embraces further large-scale disruption.


Day 1 @ 15:30

Innovative commercial models for higher ed – toward financial sustainability

  • Overview of global trends in higher education commercial models in profit/not-for-profit institutions
  • Challenge existing financial sustainability paradigms in higher education
  • Outline of current working commercial models and provision of live examples

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